Our projects

Mystone's projects of Sustainable Development Vision 2025: 

To be sustainable, our social projects will be economically viable to insure a permanent financial and operational autonomy, to continue to thrive and grow without external support.

Short term:

Mystone is in the process of building two recycling and manufacturing projects, exclusively intended to local inhabitants of Hassi Messaoud (Algeria), to create jobs, wealth and reduce their dependence to the North for several goods.  

The first project, consist in the recycling and transformation of plastic and steel wastes. This project will be really important for the city of Hassi Messaoud which suffers from ferrous and non-ferrous detritus accumulation. 

The second project concerns bio waste recycling, precisely, used cooking oil. It will be transformed to soap and bio-fuel.   


In the long term, Mystone is planning to launch Sahara agriculture projects, with high technology irrigation and equipment to save water and get interesting efficiency.

Beyond the direct objectives of those projects, Mystone wants to inspire local inhabitants, to create an economical dynamic in Hassi Messaoud, showing that this city can produce something else than Oil & Gas.   

Long Term: 

Sahara Power Plants (information soon)